A new cat (food) on the block…

By Ash Tree Vets | 1st March 2018

Have you noticed your young cat is always hungry? Did you know that young neutered cats actually feel hungrier, but at the same time need less calories? What a frustrating combination! Never fear, Ash Tree Vets and Royal Canin to the rescue! This new scientifically designed formula, specifically designed for young neutered cats, will make them feel fuller for longer, whilst making sure they still get the correct amount of vitamins and minerals that they may not get if you simply fed them less “normal” cat food. This food also contains a special S/O complex, helping to prevent urinary stones and crystals, which can be really problematic for many cats. If this wasn’t enough, the reason we love this food at Ash Tree Vets, and feed it to our own cats, is because it has a “fixed formula”. What does this mean we hear you ask? Fixed formula means each bag of food you buy contain exactly the same ingredients in exactly the same quantities every time you buy it. Cheaper or lower quality foods are unlikely to ever be of a fixed formula, because the manufacturers have to keep their costs down by bulking out each batch with whatever the cheapest product on the market is at the time of manufacture. So each bag of food you buy will have different ingredients each time you buy it. This means even if you buy the same brand and flavour, the food you feed will vary unpredictably and without you knowing – which can make maintaining a healthy weight almost impossible, and also increase the risk of food sensitivities and flare up of other problems (such as skin disease or a sensitive stomach), casued by your pet will be coming into contact with an different carbohydrate and protein sources each time.

Surely it’s expensive to feed such a high quality diet?

Feeding a 4kg cat on this food costs just 40p a day*!!  Members of our Healthcare Plan get a fabulous 10% off every bag, as well as a loyalty card meaning every 9th bag is completely FREE! We haven’t done the maths, but we’re sure you’ll agree this makes it fantastic value for a fantastic food!

Whilst stocks last, we’re offering a fantastic 25% off every bag Neutered Satiety cat food!


*Price based on purchasing an 8kg bag at full price and following recommended daily feeding guide.