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An unbearable situation! The case of a young Cocker Spaniel, and his much loved teddy bear.

By Ash Tree Vets | 15th March 2018

The team at Ash Tree recently intervened after Jasper’s owners noticed he had managed to swallow his teddy bear! Both the Veterinary team and his owners were very concerned that his body would not be able to naturally pass this object due to its size, thus posing a high risk that it would become stuck in his gastro intestinal tract, causing a life threatening blockage.


After a consultation with vet Poppy, Jasper was admitted to our hospital and given a general anaesthetic. Our video endoscope was used to gain live images of the inside of Jasper’s oesophagus (the tube leading from his mouth to his stomach), and images of the inside of his stomach too. To everyone’s relief, once the endoscope entered Jasper’s stomach, a matted, soggy, brown object came into view. With the expert guidance of the Vet and the nursing team, a specialist forcep was inserted along a port inside the endoscope, allowing them to grab hold of the object, and slowly retrieve it out of Jasper’s stomach.

Jasper made a swift recovery from his anaesthetic, and with some medication to help protect the lining of his oesophagus and stomach, he was able to go home the same day!

Thanks to his owners quick actions, prompt intervention by the team, and the use of our specialist equipment, not only did Jasper avoid a potentially life threatening blockage; we were also able to avoid surgical intervention. We’re very pleased to report he has made a full recovery!

If you suspect your pet has swallowed something they shouldn’t have, always contact us for professional advice.