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Another step towards normality

By Ash Tree Vets | 17th July 2021

Thank you so much for bearing with us over the past somewhat crazy year!


It’s been fairly surreal running a “drive through” vets and has proved challenging at times, but I hope you will agree it has allowed us to continue to offer high standards of care whilst keeping everybody safe. Oddly enough many people have remarked that they and their pets have found it a lot less stressful this way which has been great to hear!

Going forwards, in line with government recommendations we are now planning to re-open the practice in two phases beginning on July 19th .

From this date, we are delighted to invite you back in to start using the waiting room once again if you would like to. We will continue to implement social distancing measures so please observe this. We will also request that clients continue to wear masks once inside the practice, and that the hand sanitiser provided is used before entering.

If you would prefer to continue to wait outside or in your car and speak to the vet there, then that is also absolutely fine by us. Please just continue to call on arrival to let us know you are here.

We will continue to request that in most circumstances, once you have chatted to the vet or nurse, that your pet will come into the consulting room unaccompanied. We have made this decision because we are unable to socially distance within our consulting rooms. The real risk of losing a staff member having to “self-isolate” following a consultation with a client who has subsequently tested positive, is too great. Losing a vet or nurse in this way would have a severe knock on effect on the ability of us to provide full services to you and your pet.

On August 16th , if the government continues to proceed with Step 4 of it’s road map, we plan to fully re-open the practice which allows time for more of our staff to become fully vaccinated.

Thank you again for your understanding and for working with us to keep everyone safe.