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FREE Weight Management Pack and FREE Appointments

By Ash Tree Vets | 12th February 2020

Many of us resolve to lose weight or at least follow a healthier life-style in the new year, but what about your pet?


According to the University of Liverpool Vet school, “it is estimated that about half of all UK pets are either overweight or obese and, as in people, rates appear to be increasing over time. Like human obesity, weight problems in pets pose a serious threat to health, and can lead to many other health disorders such as diabetes, arthritis, breathing problems and incontinence, and sadly obesity can also decrease your pet’s life span”.


Ash Tree Vets want to help turn this worrying trend around. We’re offering

  • FREE weight consultation appointments with our fantastic team of veterinary nurses for as long as it takes for your pet to reach their target weight
  • £5 OFF your first bag of diet pet food, and the chance to get subsequent money off vouchers
  • A FREE Weight management pack, containing food weighing scales and a special Slow Down bowl to encourage your pet to eat a bit slower, which is so important when it comes to helping them to loose weight yet feel satisfied
  • 25% OFF Low Calorie Dog Treats


Please do call us on 01638 554477 and see how we can help you help them.