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Team Ash Tree take on fund raising event…

By Ash Tree Vets | 10th October 2019

The team are set to raise money for charity this weekend…

As many of you will remember, one of our Vets, Bill, completed the London Marathon earlier this year and raised a fantastic amount of money for charity in the process.

His enthusiasm for taking on challenges and raising money for worthy causes in the process has somehow spread to the entire team, who will be taking on the “Whole Hog” this weekend – a 5 mile course of over 30 (yes, 30!) obstacles!

So if you’d like to donate a few pennies to the East Anglian Children’s Hospice in support of our vets, nurses and receptionists crawling through mud under cargo nets, climbing up steep banks and walls, wading through rivers, clambering through tunnels, and talking slides, jumps, swings and monkey bars…

Then you can do so via this link to our just giving page.


Thank you!