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Working hard and still smiling!

By Ash Tree Vets | 3rd June 2020

We’re still open and we’re still here for you and your pets

Throughout this challenging time we have remained open to look after your beloved pets, and whilst we have had to do so in a slightly different way, our ethos has remained the same. We listen. We care.

We have been so very touched by our clients kind and thoughtful gestures, and their words of gratitude and encouragement during the past few challenging weeks, it has truly meant so very much to us all. Thank you.

Bill, one of our vets and a Director of the practice was delighted to recently receive a fabulous hand made scrub top from one of our wonderful clients, who has been diligently making scrub tops for her local hospital who were struggling to source enough PPE. As if that wasn’t enough she then went on to make this personalised one for Bill, her dogs favourite vet!


Stay safe everyone. Keep being kind. Keep smiling. We’re here if and when you need us.