4th October – World Animal Day – Can you help? | Ash Tree Veterinary Centre
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4th October – World Animal Day – Can you help?

By Ash Tree Vets | 4th October 2019

You may already know that today, 4th October, is World Animal Day.

World Animal Day has a mission  “ to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe…”

Ash Tree Vets regularly make donations through fund raising events and collections for a variety of very worthy animal charities, but did you know we have also supported The Worldwide Veterinary Service for the past eight years by donating medications and veterinary supplies?

The Worldwide Veterinary Service is “a UK charity that helps animals in places where no one else can”.

If you’d like to help support this fantastic cause you can donate to them directly by clicking here; or you can contribute to the next donation package we will be sending them by dropping off any in date, un-used of left over animal medications at the practice.

Your support means so much to this fantastic charity

Click here to read about how they are helping animals all around the world.