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FREE dental checks a huge success

By Ash Tree Vets | 4th December 2018

Throughout November, the Vets at Ash Tree carried out FREE dental health checks for countless cats and dogs; giving crucial advice to owners on how to help care for their pet’s oral health, and helping to identify some who needed intervention to treat dental disease.

Brushing your pet’s teeth can play a vital role in preventing dental disease; here’s how to get started:

Introducing brushing into your pets’ daily routine might be daunting but the following seven-day plan will help to get you started!

Day 1: Gently stroke the outside of your pet’s cheek with your finger and slowly lift up the lip for 10 – 30 seconds.  Reward, praise and treat

Day 2: Repeat as above, placing a small amount of toothpaste on the end of your finger and letting your pet sample it

Day 3: Repeat Day 2 but, this time, gently run your finger or finger toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste over your pet’s teeth for 30-45 seconds.  Reward, praise and treat

Day 4: Repeat Day 3, but for 45-60 second.  Reward, praise and treat

Day 5: If all is going well, run your finger over the teeth for 30 seconds, then gently insert the toothbrush and run it over the teeth for 30 seconds

Day 6: Repeat Day 5, increasing the time by 30 seconds

Day 7: Aim to spend at least one minute on each side of the mouth.

For further advice, why not book a FREE dental health appointment with one of our Veterinary Nurses.


It is estimated that up to 80% of the UK’s population of cats and dogs over the age of three suffer from dental disease. If left untreated, dental disease can be much more serious than just bad breath; resulting in problems including an increased risk of heart, kidney and liver disease.

Claim your pet’s FREE Dental Health Check with one of our Vets in November, and if your pet does require any treatment, you will be entitled to a discount of 15%!* Call us today on 01638 554477 to book your pet’s free appointment.

*15% discount applies to members of our Healthcare Plan, non-members will receive a 10% discount. To qualify for discount, pets must be presented for a pre-booked appointment within the dates specified. Ash Tree Veterinary Centre Ltd reserve the right to refuse a discount to any members of our Healthcare Plan who have fallen into arrears with payments.